Robert DeCastro

Marketing & Crypto Expert

“Robert DeCastro is the founder of Ask Robert DeCastro, a consulting and crypto strategy expert. Patricia Bragg has called him “a marketing guru extraordinaire,” and  referred to him as “a horse whisperer for entrepreneur's and business thinkers.” A published author " YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL" has invested his time to teach and guide people to a better life.

Robert's greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. His most recent project involved bringing his services to the fast-growing Crypto market.

In today’s modern business climate, many companies are trying to do a great deal with limited resources, attempting to stay “lean and “mean” while still achieving their goals and objectives, often without sufficient staff who possess the necessary expertise. Whether in the area of cryptocurrencies, technology, financials, sales, marketing, or long-term planning, a crackerjack consultant is often what’s needed.

As CIO and Business Development at ARDC, DeCastro helps business customers overcome the challenges they face today in the market, financial controls, and risk management. With his global perspective, the entrepreneurial-minded DeCastro is a recognized expert in business processes related to economics, with several national speaking credits and publications to his name.

His career has focused on business process and optimization with a highlight on developing technology that intelligently manages and empowers companies., a company he co-founded, DeCastro created management and product solutions throughout the industry like Bio Ear, Hangover Relief, Braggs Apple Cider, World Famous Ads and more. He launched his career in marketing, eventually handling development for many companies still out there today.

DeCastro has developed robust enterprise applications for a variety of industries, including professional services, creative agencies, utilities, and other industry. DeCastro engineered First Call Consulting so he could bring the brilliance of big-label marketing to mid market and smaller brands. He brings proven results, including:

* 16 years of applied marketing strategy for world-renowned brands,
*  Product launches for one of the recognized gurus of the consumer product launch,

With his global triumvirate of experience in marketing and cryptocurrencies with ARDC, in crypto execution through all-season-exceptional-player and in crypto stability through strategy, he thrives on creating success for companies and consumers like your.


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